Here to Help

Do you need help getting food from the supermarket?
Are you struggling financially to buy food?
Are you unable to collect your prescriptions?
Are you lonely and feeling isolated?

We are a community-based group of volunteers in Kenilworth helping the vulnerable members of our community during these difficult times.

Please do not struggle or suffer in silence, we have volunteers ready to help you. Call our helpline or message us.


Back at the start of the Corona Virus outbreak thanks to the initiative of some local Kenilworth residents; Jennifer Jones and Darren Rees they had an idea that they wanted to help people during isolation; to get access to food.

That seed of an idea grew to where the group is now.

Supported across political parties, local police, religious groups, local organisations, local charities, businesses and individuals the group now provides an amazing services to local residents.

Supporting people to STAY HOME and STAY SAFE.

With the help of our army of volunteers, we are organising food delivieries, collecting prescriptions and delivery of essential medication as well as offering welfare checks, friendly chat, signposting and other communitry support projects.

The community spirit and support to one and another is something we hope will shine bright in Kenilworth and it’s people for a very long time.